malasana for september

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpring is here, and with it brings our cleansing and invigorating Zamasana of the Month for September – Malasana, a low squat pose. Also know as ‘Garland Pose‘ (due to its resemblance to a rosary, or garland), Malasana stimulates the digestive organs and works on cleansing the body by helping the movement of the metabolism. As you sit into Malasana you feel a release through the back of the body, as this low squat pose provides a great stretch for the sacrum, lower back and groin. Malasana is also an incredible hip opener, and helps to tone the belly.


To practice:

1. Lower your body from standing to a squat, keeping your feet as close to hip distance apart as you can. If your feet aren’t flat on the floor, fold up your mat to support your heels (or use the edge of a block).

2. Draw your thighs outwards and exhale as you lean your torso forwards until it fits neatly between your thighs.

3. Bring your palms together as you press your elbows against the inside of your knees, using the resistance to lengthen the torso and spine.


To extend on this pose, reach left hand to the ground and the right hand to the sky before reaching around the left knee to clasp hands and create a bind. Repeat on the right side.

When practicing Malasana, if you experience any knee pain or pressure, use a block under your hips and sit down onto it. Be aware of your lower back and if there’s any pain in that area, come out of the pose and rest.