hridaya mudra for october

Towards the end of the year we can find ourselves getting stuck in routines and ruts, and emotionally and physically tired. The heart has long been said to be the centre of our emotions. Our Zamasana for October is a heart opening mudra known as Hridaya Mudra (say hrrid-day-a). This mudra helps to release emotions that have been building up, and is an excellent choice to practice during any kind of emotional conflict. The Hridaya mudra improves the heart’s strength and vitality by directing the flow of prana (life force) from the hands to the area of the heart. It is very simple and safe to practice, yet incredibly beneficial for the heart – which we rely on as the source of our life force.hridaya-mudra_lightbox_image


To practice Hridaya mudra:

Begin in a comfortable seated position, ensuring that the head and spine are straight.

Guide the tips of your index fingers at the root of your thumb digits, and connect the tips of your middle two fingers to the tip of your thumb. Leave your little finger out straight.

Guide your hands to your knees, palms facing upwards.

Close your eyes, bring your body to a motionless place and enjoy the sensations. The Hridaya mudra can be practiced for up to 30 minutes.



May you all have a wonderful October!