using yoga blocks

yoga-blocksYoga blocks are great props for supporting, intensifying and developing your yoga practice.

In a restorative posture, such as a restorative bridge or fish pose, yoga blocks help to support and hold the body in position the body so it can fully relax and open without muscular contraction.

Blocks are also great for surrendering into fold folds, like Uttanasana, particularly if you can’t touch the floor. Essentially the blocks bring the earth to you so you can relax and deepen into the pose. You will also find support from a block in poses like Trikonasana (Triangle) if you can’t touch the floor will help you open the hips and spine.

A block in a pose like a revolved Trikonasana will provide balance so you can experience the pose in its fullness and then eventually let the block go.

You can also use blocks to lift parts of the body in poses like Tolasana (Scale) and other arm balances to take pressure off the wrists until strength is developed.

When using a block, make sure it is not pressing on a nerve or compressing any part of the spine.

Try out some of the poses above and let blocks support your yoga.

Blocks are available at the studio for $20 and we have a small supply in the yoga room for use during class. Embrace your props!