circle of joy for march

For March, our featured Zamasana is actually a sequence, known as Circle of Joy. This sequence provides both a beautiful, gentle shoulder stretch, and a wonderful breathing exercise. While it can be done either standing or sitting, here at Zama we most often practice Circle of Joy in a cross-legged seated position, as demonstrated here by Francesca (one of our lovely Toowong teachers):

In February we focused on the heart chakra, and Circle of Joy also works on opening the heart chakra. The heart chakra is known as the gateway to the higher conciousness, and links the lower chakras (physical) with the higher chakras (mind and spirit). Practiced as a gentle flow, Circle of Joy is ideal as both a warm up at the start of class, and as a way to finish a yoga practice. It also serves as a beautiful reminder of the importance of synchronising your breath with each yoga posture.

To practice Circle of Joy:

1. Begin in a comfortable cross-legged seat position, with hands together at heart centre.

2. Inhale as you interlace your fingers.

3. Exhale, pressing your palms straight out in front of you, feeling a stretch across your shoulder blades.

4. Inhale, lengthening your spine as you extend your hands up, palms (still interlaced) facing the sky.

5. Exhale as you release your hands down behind your back.

6. Inhale, and again interlacing your fingers behind your back, draw your chest forward as you stretch your clasped hands backwards and upwards.

7. Exhale, bring hands back to heart centre, palms together.

8. Repeat as many times as you desire!


Enjoy and be joyful! 🙂