Meditation Teacher Training | Brisbane | Online

Are you ready to share the powerful benefits of the practice of meditation with others?

The Zama Institute offers face to face and online 110hr Meditation Teacher Training courses that are fully registered with Meditation Australia. Upon completion, you will be able to obtain insurance to teach meditation worldwide.

Meditation is the Lifestyle Medicine of the 21st century and its broad health benefits have been proven extensively by Western science. People who suffer with stress, anxiety, pain, depression and ill health find powerful relief through meditation.  The inflammatory response is reduced, the immune response is heightened, and mindfulness meditation has been shown to be closely on par with antidepressants for preventing major relapse of depression.

Meditation is a highly rewarding and life changing practice. For many who study and practice the art of meditation it becomes a daily practice that nurtures them throughout their whole lives. Meditation offers benefits of mind shaped on the values of compassion, mindfulness and contentment.

Whether you do this meditation teacher training course for yourself or to teach others, it is a highly valuable practice to live by and share with others.

Our teachers have years of experience, practice and training under their belt and are well equipped to offer you the guidance needed to share and undertake the ancient practice of meditation. Our Meditation teacher training courses cover a range of meditation techniques and styles to ensure there is something to resonate with every individual.


The Zama Institute was founded by Zama Yoga Owner, Senior Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor and Yoga Therapist, Nicole Gorry. Zama has been delivering teacher training with the Yoga & Integrative Medicine Institute (YIMI), where Nicole was a co-founder, since 2013. In 2019, the Zama Institute is delivering world-class, internationally recognised training backed by years of experience in the field. The Zama Institute brings you experienced teachers with a wealth of knowledge and an excellent support team to help you through your study.

Our goal is to see you succeed.

Meditation Teacher Training is suitable for:

  • anyone wanting to share meditation with other or those who simply want to deepen their meditation practice; as well as:
  • psychologists
  • counsellors
  • teachers
  • hypnotherapists
  • fitness instructors
  • personal trainers
  • yoga teachers
  • social workers
  • life coaches
  • massage therapists
  • group facilitators
  • naturopaths or other natural health professionals
  • team leaders

what you will learn

  • Learn to teach a variety of meditation techniques to groups and individuals
  • Learn how to support your meditation students through their experiences
  • breathing meditations, relaxation, yoga nidra, yogic meditations, guided meditation, mindfulness, meditation and moving meditation

what's included

  • Meditation Teacher Training Course Manual (157 pages)
  • Yoga Nidra & Yogic Meditation Course Manual (109 pages)
  • 29 Audio Recordings

upcoming intakes pricing & enrolment

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course registration & delivery

Registered Training CourseOur 110hr Meditation Teacher Training course is fully registered with Meditation Australia and upon completion students can register for membership. This Meditation Teacher Training course includes substantial non-contact material which is essential for Meditation Australia course registration.

Insurance to teach meditation is obtainable without Meditation Australia membership. Provided you complete at least 100hrs of training, you can complete any combination of our meditation courses including the Online Meditation Teacher Training course and be able to obtain insurance to teach meditation.

Zama Institute meditation courses also attract CPD points with Yoga Australia and other governing bodies.

prop list

The following props are recommended for home practice, and required for online study students:
  • yoga mat
  • bolster
  • blankets
  • zafu (meditation cushion) - optional
  • zabuton (meditation cushion base) - optional


We have lots of further information on our Teacher Training FAQ’s page such as:

  • how to obtain insurance to teach
  • teaching overseas

And much more. Check out the FAQ’s page here or contact us for a chat.