Are you ready to give your practice a real shake up with some more mobility and stability? We are bringing the Zama Reformer Room to Toowong from Monday 17th of August!

Reformers are intelligently designed pieces of equipment which allows access to many more muscle groups than a regular Pilates class. Also known as a 'reformer bed', these machines use resistance training (through the use of pulleys and springs), as opposed to just bodyweight exercises. By regularly attending Reformer Pilates you will notice your body becoming more toned, leaner and stronger.


ALL Zama clients, whether new to the studio or not, can purchase our Reformer Pilates Introductory Offer - 3 Reformer classes in 10 days for just $39! Until the end of August only you can buy the intro offer now and your 10 days will activate from the date of your first class booked. From then your 10 days will start from the day you purchase. This offer can be purchased and used once per person.


If you are loving Reformer (which you will!), we are offering for a limited time a Combo Ongoing Membership for only $78 per fortnight! You can attend unlimited Yoga & Mat Pilates classes and 6 x Reformer Pilates classes within those 14 days. That works out to be only $6.50 per Reformer Pilates class!

The Reformer classes don't accrue or roll over so make sure to book those classes in to make the most of your membership.

Clients currently on an Ongoing Membership: If you wish to switch to the Combo Ongoing Membership email us so that we can cancel your current Ongoing Membership and organise for your Combo Ongoing Membership to be activated. As this is a new contract you will have to make a minimum of 7 fortnightly payments. For new memberships, all the same T’s and C’s apply.


Bookings are required for all classes as spaces are limited. Socks are also required for reformer classes. We have special Pilates grips socks available for sale at the studio.

We have a 9 hour cancellation policy for all reformer classes. That means as long as you log in and cancel your booking online within 9 hours prior to the start of the class, the class won't be deducted from your pass. Email and phone cancellations not accepted. Please note - all Reformer Pilates Passes will activate from the day you purchase the pass, not from your first visit. If you want to attend an earlier class than the class you first booked, you will need to cancel your future bookings first.

Check out the timetable below and give your muscles a treat!