yummy mummy yoga toowoomba

iStock_000025802274LargeCalling all mothers who want to take care of themselves, be healthy and meet other mums!

Yummy Mummy Yoga is for all mothers – whether you have a baby, fully grown children, or children not yet born. Yes that’s right, pregnant women are welcome, as are babies up to 1 year old.

The class will focus on female health, including the pelvic floor and core, flexibility, strength and most importantly, rest and relaxation. The rest and relaxation component of the class will be incredibly important for providing an opportunity for you to rejuvenate your mind and body, activating the parasympathetic nervous system and allowing your body to return to its natural state, where stress can disappear and the body can heal. This state is where we can find hormonal balance, relieve insomnia and even lose weight. The instructor of the class, Ali Adams, is a mother of three with a new baby, and has experience teaching mothers and mothers to be.

Often you see mums and bubs yoga or prenatal yoga, but we are combining the two, so you can learn from each other about your health as well as create friendships. The class will be a place where you can come and feel a sense of community, interact with each other and provide support to one another.

The health issues facing new mothers, mothers-to-be and experienced mothers are often similar, with little adjustment needed in yoga. While a pregnant woman can’t do inversions or twists, and a women in post natal care must be cautious of straining the abdomen; the pelvic floor, for example, is as important in prenatal care as it is in postnatal care and in fact in everyday life for mothers who are well past postnatal care.

Most important though, is time and space for you, to take care of yourself and each other. Join us on Wednesdays at 10:45am til 11:45am from 2nd October 2013. No bookings required, all women welcome, including pre and post natal, babies up to one year old welcome, class is part of normal membership and class passes. Check out the timetable, pricing or contact us.