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If you've got a question about our regular Zama Yoga classes, head over to our Studio FAQs. Before enrolling in any of our courses, please read our Teacher Training Policies.

Please refer to each course page for specific course registration information.

Courses that upgrade qualifications attract CPD points with relevant industry bodies and are registered where required.

We hold teacher trainings and courses at our studios in Toowong, Brisbane and Toowoomba.

Technically, you need to complete a minimum of 200 hours of formal training to obtain a qualification that entitles you to apply for insurance to teach yoga. Formal training consists of yoga teacher training courses that are offered with the intention to provide a qualification. For example, undertaking 200 hours of yoga classes does not qualify you as a yoga teacher for insurance purposes. It is a good idea to enrol in a course that is registered and recognised by an industry body to ensure you can obtain adequate insurance. Zama Institute courses are recognised by Yoga Australia.

While we recommend joining Yoga Australia or another industry body, you do not need to be a member of Yoga Australia, or any other industry body, to be a qualified and insured yoga teacher. To obtain full membership with Yoga Australia, you require a minimum of 350 hours of formal training to be a recognised yoga teacher. You can find out about Yoga Australia membership here. You could also join Yoga Alliance or another similar body, which generally only require a minimum of 200 hours of formal training. To join an industry body, you must demonstrate your qualifications. If the course you undertake is not registered with that body, you may need to provide evidence that it meets the industry body’s criteria for membership.
Yes, you should take out insurance public liability and medical malpractice/professional indemnity if you plan to teach yoga, meditation or Pilates. Insurance to teach yoga can be obtained through most insurance companies. We recommend Insurance House.

Once graduated from your teacher training course, it is a requirement that all teachers must obtain insurance to teach.We recommend using Insurance House. The following steps will guide you through the process to ensure you select a cover based on your qualification: 

  1. Go to https://www.insurancehouse.com.au/buy-online
  2. Select ‘Health Professionals’
  3. Select relevant qualification/s - if you are qualified for multiple please select all that applies to you:
    • Barre
    • Meditation
    • Pilates/Hypnolates (including matwork)
    • Yoga
  4. Then click ‘Next’
  5. Fill out your business details - here it will ask you how much you would like to be covered for and whether you have had to make a claim before.
  6. Then click ‘Next’
  7. Your policy details will be displayed, if you are happy with the cover click ‘Buy Policy’.
  8. Create an account and follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

Yes, definitely! The minimum amount of yoga teacher training to teach worldwide is 200hrs. Australian yoga teachers can get insurance to teach, with a 200hr registered course such as the ones that we offer here at Zama, to teach all over the world. If you wish to obtain insurance to teach in the United States or Canada, insurance companies have different stipulations for the US & Canada based on the laws in those countries and you must be a resident to obtain insurance directly with an American or Canadian insurance company. However, residents of the US and Canada who graduate from a Zama Institute course are able to purchase insurance cover to teach in the US and Canada.

Yes! A list of places to stay nearby both our Toowoomba and Toowong, Brisbane studios can be found on our accommodation page.