Zama Yoga offers yoga for groups, either at your premises or at one of our studios.

Yoga is a great way to bring a group together, to relieve stress and bring a sense of calm.

While any group is great, we commonly work with:

  • corporate
  • hens celebrations
  • schools & childcare centres
  • sporting clubs & fitness groups

Contact us to find out more about yoga for your group.


Yoga helps the mind and body, which in sport, are two critical factors.

Professional sports men and women practice yoga and reap the benefits:

Decreases Chance of Injuries

Yoga stretches the body, as well as strengthens, and a stronger more flexible body means you will be less likely to injure yourself.

Reduced Recovery Time

Yoga calms the nervous system, and teaches the body to relax more efficiently, meaning you will get to a state of relaxation faster, and stay there longer. Relaxation helps cells repair and renew, aids digestion and nutrient absorbtion, and reduces stress. This all helps the body recover much faster.

Increased Flexibility

Flexibility makes you agile, powerful, faster and improves balance, which helps any sport!

Harnessed Mind

Yoga helps you take control of your mind, so it stops controlling you. Free yourself from anxiety and stress, and you will perform better.

Contact us to start a yoga class at your sporting group today.

Celebrate your hens party with a total pamper session of body and mind!

If you’d like to do something a bit different for your hens do, we’d love to help! As well as a specialised yoga class for you and your party, we can incorporate massage, pampering, food and drinks – whatever you’d like, really! And of course, it can still include sashes and champagne. Contact us today to book your hen’s celebration.

Yoga improves concentration and calms the mind and body, which helps primary and highschool aged students learn better and perform at school.

Contact us to start a yoga class at your school or childcare centre.

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