hot yoga in brisbaneSome like it hot!

Whether you are a beginner or a long-time yogi, hot yoga is a fantastic way to break a sweat and deepen your practice.

At Zama’s Toowong yoga studio and Toowoomba yoga studio, we offer a number of hot yoga classes designed to help you strengthen, stretch, and say goodbye to tension. And before we go any further, Zama’s hot yoga classes in Brisbane and Toowoomba are not Bikram.

What is hot yoga?

Hot yoga is exactly that: any yoga practice that takes place in a heated environment.

At our Brisbane and Toowoomba yoga studios, we crank up the heat to approximately 35 degrees. For those wanting to ease into the hot yoga practice, our warm classes are heated to a comfortable 28 degrees.

How does that feel? Imagine practicing yoga on a tropical island, in the middle of summer, with absolutely no breeze. Now you’ve got some idea of what a hot yoga class in Brisbane or Toowoomba is like.

You’re going to get hot. You’re going to get sweaty. So embrace it!

And why would anyone want to practice hot yoga? The multitude of health and healing benefits give you a unique post-practice feeling that non-heated classes can’t. In fact, hot yoga can become quite addictive, with many yogis actually preferring the higher temperatures.

Benefits of hot yoga in Brisbane and Toowoomba

Hot yoga is based on the concept of tapas. We’re not talking about Spanish food here – we’re referring to the ancient yogic concept. Put simply, tapas is the practice of cleansing the body with heat, of burning away impurities.

Let’s have a look at the top three benefits of practicing hot yoga in Brisbane and Toowoomba.

1. Hot yoga increases your heart rate and metabolism

Heat is an added challenge to any yoga practice, and you’ll find your heart rate increases a lot faster in a hot yoga class than a standard yoga class. Raising your heart rate into the aerobic range does wonders for your cardiovascular health.

What’s more, the heat boosts your metabolism, speeding up the process of glucose breakdown in your body. This increases your ability to burn fat and tone muscle.

2. Hot yoga allows for deeper stretching

One of the greatest benefits of practicing hot yoga in Toowoomba or Brisbane is the ability to move deeper and stretch further into your favourite poses.

Although your body’s core temperature shouldn’t increase by more than half a degree, the superficial structures – such as your ligaments, muscles, fascia, and tendons – will warm up quite a lot. The result – you’ll be moving further into each pose with greater comfort and fluidity, allowing you to reap the benefits of your practice with ease.

3. Hot yoga promotes detoxification

Rid your body of nasty toxins by practicing yoga in a heated environment.

Hot yoga promotes detoxification in a number of ways:

  • The intense heat stimulates the lymphatic system, which is in part responsible for flushing out toxins that build up over time in your system.
  • Hot yoga gets seriously sweaty! In addition to keeping you cool, sweat contributes to the elimination harmful toxins through the body’s largest organ – the skin.
  • If you practice hot yoga regularly, you’ll notice your water intake skyrocket. This has a wonderful cleansing effect on your body, as it helps flush out unwanted substances.

Styles of hot yoga at Zama’s Toowong and Toowoomba yoga studios

Practice hot yoga in Brisbane or Toowoomba – there’s a heated style to suit every yogi’s preferences. Here are the classes we offer:

hot yoga in toowoomba

Hot Vinyasa

Connect your breath and body. Still your mind through movement. Salute the sun as you stretch and strengthen.

Vinyasa is a flowing style of yoga that uses the breath to guide each transition. Each and every hot vinyasa class is unique, with a new creative sequence to practice every time you visit. Hot vinyasa will strengthen and tone your body, improve flexibility, promote mind and body connectedness, and test your balance. Our Hot Vinyasa classes are suitable for all yogis, beginners included.

Hot Power

Find your inner strength. Use your inner power. Hold on a little longer before surrendering completely.

This slow and strong practice is a fantastic challenge for the body. You’ll hold each pose for just a few breaths longer than usual to really turn on the burn. Hot power doesn’t just strengthen the body – it works the mind, too. Discover the power of your mind as it pulls you through the more difficult poses. Don’t give up, accept the sensation, and enjoy the reward when it comes.

Hot Hatha

Stretch. Strengthen. Balance. Align. Unwind. Discover warmth in the body, and peace in the mind.

Hatha is a traditional and dynamic style of yoga with a focus on breath and alignment. Each class incorporates strengthening poses, stretches, balances, inversions, heart openers, and meditation. If you’re new to hot yoga, our Hot Hatha classes are a wonderful place to start.

Warm Slow Flow

Follow your breath. Listen to your intuition. Let your body guide your practice.

Does the thought of practicing in 35 degree heat scare you a little? Would you like to experience the benefits of hot yoga with a gentler practice? Our Warm Slow Flow class is for you. Warm Slow Flow hits that blissful spot between Vinyasa and Yin. This meditative practice encourages you to tune into your body, your movement, your breath as you strengthen, stretch, and soothe. Again, this class is suitable for beginners and long-time yogis.

Before your first hot yoga class in Brisbane or Toowoomba

Never practiced hot yoga before? Your first class can be quite a shock to the system. Have a read through these three tips, which will help make your first hot yoga class in Brisbane or Toowoomba as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Stay hydrated

Hot yoga is a serious sweat session, which is great for our body and skin as long as we stay hydrated. Drink up before class, and don’t forget to bring a wattle bottle into the studio. Keep drinking water after class too, as you’ll need to replenish all the fluid you lost during your practice.

Know when to take a breather

It’s your body, and your practice. Never feel ashamed of taking a breather, resting in child’s pose, pausing for a drink of water, or even stepping outside of class to get some air. If you start to feel dizzy, nauseous, or experience a very rapid pulse, take a break immediately. When practicing hot yoga, respecting your edge and honouring your body is crucial.

Bring the right gear

Hot yoga gets sweaty, and where there’s sweat there’s slipping. There’s nothing worse that coming deeply and presently into a pose, and then slipping out of it. If your mat doesn’t have the best grip, invest in a yoga towel (pick one up from the studio).

Finally, wear the right clothes, something you’re comfortable sweating heavily in.

Practice hot yoga in Brisbane or Toowoomba

Find your next favourite hot yoga class in Brisbane by checking out our Brisbane yoga timetable. Or discover the joys of hot yoga in Toowoomba and visit our Toowoomba yoga timetable. Feel free to phone us on 07 3162 1652 with any questions. See you in the studio.