Pregnancy, birth and motherhood are sacred journeys for women, a time to be honoured and revered. We have forgotten the ancient rituals we once shared - the rituals that carried us through this journey with love, support and joy. 

The rites of passage of womanhood, including pregnancy and birth, are to be celebrated in sacred space, held in the energy of 

We celebrate pregnancy with a Blessing Ceremony for the baby and the mother-to-be

After birth,


This ceremony brings together small groups of women (3-4) to hold space for each of you after the birth of your babies, whether you have one or five, whether they are newborn or fully grown. 

Together we will celebrate you, your transition to motherhood and your birthing story. This ceremony begins in a space set for you with a relaxing foot soak, foot scrub, foot massage and face mask, followed by yin yoga for the hips and pelvis and a birth meditation. 

Each woman will share their experiences about pregnancy, birth and mothering - their birthing story. The ancient practice of 

Many women will hold trauma about birth and the experiences they had and


from which you will be able to journal what you want to let go of and release, and create new intentions. 

We know that talking about an experience changes the brain and the trauma response. 


honour yourself and this sacred time


The Mayan technique of rebozo and wrapping to draw the pelvis into alignment and heal the body 

After your body is rocked and wrapped in cloth, a blissful savasana with sound healing will complete the ceremony. 

We will enjoy a casual cup of tea and light refreshments before parting ways.


3-4 women 

$275 each 


If you have deep trauma post birth or have not begun your birthing healing journey, we recommend a private one hour healing session prior to participating in a group event so we can hold space for you.