wild thing for january

wild thingHappy new year! We’ve found the perfect way to launch yourself into 2015 – with our Zamasana of the Month for January, Wild Thing. Also known as Camatkarasana (say ‘cah-maht-kah-RAHS-anna’), Wild Thing is an invigorating chest-opening pose that will give you the sensation of stretching and reaching towards what is to come this year, in a motion of power and grace.

How to practice Wild Thing:

  1. Start in Downward-facing Dog, lifting your left leg in the air for Three-legged Dog.
  2. Stack your left hip over your right, bending your left knee so that your heel is near your buttock.
  3. Take a breath here, then shift your weight into your right hand.
  4. Slowly lower your left toes to the ground beside your mat as your flip yourself over and extend your left hand, reaching forward.
  5. Push down through both feet and your left hand as you lift your hips upwards towards the sky. Keep reaching your right hand forwards and slightly down.
  6. Find a backbend by drawing your shoulders towards your back and letting your head hang back, looking towards your extended hand.
  7. Come out of the pose by flipping yourself back over into Three-legged Dog.
  8. Repeat on the other side!

Let yourself be upside down and look at the new year from a different perspective as you practice Wild Thing! And maybe during this month you could set a personal challenge to connect to the ‘wild thing’ that is in all of us – something spontaneous or courageous, an act of bravery, or perhaps taking of your shoes and running through a field. You can be anything you want to be!