what child’s pose is doing for you

8-childs-poseBalasana (Child’s Pose)

This restorative pose is practiced as resting posture to rejuvenate energy during a yoga class. But it’s doing more for you than you might think…

The physical benefits are profound, but the benefits on the mind are even better, with stress and emotional tension falling away in Child’s Pose.

Balasana benefits:

  • calms the brain, reducing stress, emotional tension and anxiety
  • stretches the back, hips, thighs and ankles
  • stretches and conditions the knee (though avoid this pose if you have knee concerns/injuries)
  • massages lympnodes in the groin
  • allows the breath to become the focus
  • regulates circulation
  • relieves dizziness and nausea

So don’t skip it! Take it when you need to and when given the opportunity. Stay in your practice, especially in Child’s Pose. Namaste 🙂

*In pregnancy, take wide legs. Avoid Balasana if you have diarrohea, reflux a or serious knee concerns.