toowoomba – NEW class styles 9:30am tues & thurs

0526-hot-yoga_vgToowoomba zamas, we’ve been listening and we know you want a more well-rounded practice at our 9:30am classes, so we are changing things up on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

We’ve got a brand NEW class style for 9:30am Thursdays! VinYin Yoga – it is the perfect blend of heated vinyasa (flowing) and non-heated yin (stretching) yoga, so you can move your body a little, then relax and find that blissful state we all search for. We offer this style in Brisbane and everyone LOVES it! Perfect for beginners too. Find out more about vinyasa and yin yoga here, and then imagine a class with half of each!

Tuesday 9:30am is now a non-heated hatha yoga class, which is the style most yoga in the West is based on. It has a focus on the foundations of yoga, making it a great class for all levels. Join us for a balanced and traditional yoga practice! Find out more about hatha yoga here.