With the start of a new year comes new beginnings and fresh starts. For Zama this means that we have given the timetable a little bit of a spruce up and have made a couple of changes here and there!

We know that you have been loving the VinYin fusion classes, so on Monday nights we have changed the 6:30pm class to a VinYin with Renee – what a perfect way to start the week! The Saturday 8:15am class will also be a VinYin class which will give you guys a chance to stretch out those legs after a long week at work. We also welcome a fresh face to the Saturday Barre class, Shannon will be ready to give you a full body work-out to start off your weekend.

Sunday Yin classes are renowned for being the BEST way to end your weekend and the perfect way to settle your body and mind before tackling the week to come. To make it extra juicy, the Sunday Yin class will now be 90 minutes long, so you will really feel the benefit of those deep stretches. To accommodate the extra time, this class will now begin at 4:00pm in the afternoon.

The new 2017 timetable will begin on Monday the 9th of January – check it out below!

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