spring equinox 23rd september 2015

spring equinox 2015Hello there, Spring! You already feel so, so good. Here at Zama Yoga, we’ve been thoroughly enjoying the lighter mornings (oh hey there, 6am classes!), the freshness and warmth of the days and the healthy-looking sunshine.

The international cosmic calendar is a-buzzin’ this month – there’s already been a partial solar eclipse in the northern hemisphere, and there’s a total lunar eclipse in a matter of days. This Wednesday 23rd of September is the Spring Equinox and we’re going to celebrate in yogic style by having a special class at each of our studios to get you into a cosmic balance for Springtime.


  • Wednesday 23rd September, 6:45pm hot vinyasa


  • Wednesday 23rd September, 6am vinyin

Re-align your body and mind with us as we find balance and harmony in a Spring Equinox practice.

No bookings required, just show up! Regular class prices apply.