some like it hot: hot pilates toowoomba august 2015

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Toowoomba Studio with Hannah

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Find the heat this winter with our brand new hot Pilates sessions. Hot Pilates is a trend in the US and UK that is catching on around the world – including here at Zama! Practicing Pilates in the heat intensifies the workout, which is the perfect way to shed any winter padding that may have accumulated during these cooler months, as well as boosting the immune system and detoxifying the body.

Like hot yoga, heating the room for hot Pilates warms the body and readies the muscles for an awesome new level of workout – you’ll be tightened and toned like never before! Turn up the heat with us by adding some extra cardio to your Pilates class this winter – and the sweating is great for your circulation and skin. Plus, you’ll be staying toasty and warm while it’s freezing cold outside! What’s not to love?

Watch Hannah demonstrate some of the Pilates moves here:

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