To celebrate Reformer Pilates coming to our Toowong studio we've made Side Leg Lift our Pose of the Month for August! This movement strengthens the buttocks & legs, stabilises the core, and elongates the obliques.

You can start this exercise by either lying completely on your side and stacking the ankles, knees, hips and shoulders on top of each other, or bending the bottom leg for a bit more stability. You can also start from a kneeling position with the bottom hand under the shoulder and the opposite leg out long.

On an inhale raise the leg to hip height with the foot pointed keeping the hips nice and stable, making sure to not let the hips tilt forward or back. On an exhale flex the foot to lower the leg. In Reformer Pilates you can leave the leg up at hip height and reach the top arm with a strap to the ceiling stacking the shoulders and then bring the palm down to the side of the leg. In Yoga you can play with a flow from Gate Pose leaning to one side and then a side leg lift on the other side.