SESH by ZAMA coming to Toowong in August

SESH by ZAMA is what you have been waiting for...longing for...asking for...and Zama's bringin' it!

Our new suite of classes combines the best of everything we do and more. Think high intensity sessions, with yoga, Pilates, tantra, dance, kundalini and more! Launching Toowong this August 2017, get to a SESH by ZAMA now!

Free SESH by ZAMA classes from Monday 7 August til Sunday 20 August 2017!

Check out the timetable below.

Groove SESH by ZAMA

Set to brilliant tunes, this class is just pure fun. Come dance and shake your booty and feel the rhythm deep down inside. Using repetitive, targeted movements, this class will make your muscles burn, your heart race and face smile. And you will KNOW you're alive. No dance, yoga or Pilates experience necessary. Just come and lose yourself here.



Ohhhhhhh THE SESH by ZAMA. This is what you have always longed for.  A full mind and body experience...maybe even an out of body experience. This class is a combination of all things yoga, tantra, kundalini, isometrics, plyometrics, calisthenics and free form movement.  Tantra yoga in its contextual meaning is to expand, to evolve. An ultimate platform for self-expression, THE SESH by ZAMA will have you digging deep to find what you have left and in the process, purge everything that you need to get rid of so you can grow. You will pump, push, and break through to inspire and transcend yourself.  Think  high intensity, free expression. Come and lift your heart to the skies. 



Pilates SESH by ZAMA

Pilates is precise. Control is the name of the game and your body will become stronger, changing the way you move for the better. Pilates focuses on correctly aligning the body using specialised exercises to improve muscle tone, flexibility and strength. As you continue to practice, the inherent link between the breath and the movement perfects; they become one.

Zama’s Pilates classes are a blend of classical and contemporary Pilates, with the help of props and a fun playlist - it’s amazing how some banging beats and good tunes can help the toning!

barre classes brisbane

Barre SESH by ZAMA

The best fun you’ve ever had at a, we’re not willing to claim that one! Let’s rephrase: the second best fun you’ve ever had at a bar is at Barre SESH by ZAMA. Barre is the unique combination of ballet, yoga and Pilates, using the ballet barre and other props, and set to banging beats. But don’t worry - you don’t need to be Michael Jackson to do a barre class, in fact there’s no dance experience required. You just need to let loose and have fun, and we’ll take care of getting you sweating and your muscles working (seriously, after barre you’ll discover muscles you didn’t even know you had!). Prepare to be toned and sculpted like never before, and because this style of workout was designed by a professional ballet dancer, say hello to your new long, lean ballerina-style muscles! Expect a mix of yoga, Pilates, barre interval training, weights, balls and resistance straps to ensure there isn’t a single part of your body that misses out on the party. The beats are sweet, the energy is high and the moves are accessible to everyone. It's a really fun, total body workout. And you will feel it. Everywhere. And it will feel good.

Free SESH by ZAMA classes from Monday 7 August til Sunday 20 August 2017!

Check out the timetable below.