savasana for december

savasana for decWe’re bringing the year to a close just like we do in our yoga classes – with Savasana! Our zamasana of the month this December is arguably everyone’s favourite, the Corpse Pose. Savasana (which is also sometimes spelled as it pronounced, shavasana) is an incredibly important part of a yoga class, when the body and mind connect the work that was just done in the class.

For many of us, Savasana can be just as (if not more) challenging as a strong yoga pose, because of its focus on quietening the mind. Learning to be still is very valuable in your yoga practice, and Savasana prepares the mind for meditation.

Savasana is such a beneficial yoga pose, both physically and mentally. Physically, Savasana allows the body to completely and fully relax – sometimes the sensation is like effortlessly floating on water, while still feeling grounded and heavy. Savasana also decreases heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension and metabolic rate, and decreases fatigue while improving sleep. Mentally, Savasana reduces anxiety and increasing confidence and concentration. A full engagement in Savasana is a gateway to a deeper yoga practice – one which values the mind equally to the body, and turns the awareness inwards, removing the mind of sensory distraction. Savasana is the perfect introductory to meditation, because the reclined position allows the body to become totally still, which invites the focus to the breath and the mind.

There are variations to the Savasana pose – which is typically lying flat on your back, feet slightly wider than hip width, palms facing up to the sky. You can change up your restorative practice by putting legs up the wall, a blanket under the head, a bolster under the knees or even legs propped up on a chair. Have a try of these variations to see what works best for you.

For the month of December, all of our wonderful Zama yogis will have the pleasure of enjoying a longer than usual Savasana at the end of class. Rather than treating Savasana as a way to catch your breath, or a quick pathway to slumber, see if you can really focus on clearing the mind completely during this valuable time.