refer a friend free classes

Do you know what’s better than doing yoga? Did we just hear you say “nothing”? Well, you’re pretty close – but one thing that makes yoga even better is doing it with a friend! Starting an activity with a friend makes you more accountable to actually, you know, showing up to class – even if it’s just for the coffee date and chats afterwards!

If you’re an Ongoing Member at either of our Zama Yoga studios in Brisbane or Toowoomba, when you refer a friend who is new to Zama Yoga and they also become an Ongoing Member, you BOTH get two weeks free on your membership!

Everything is better with a friend!

When your friend becomes an Ongoing Member at Zama Yoga studios in Brisbane or Toowoomba, email and we will add two weeks of free classes to both of your accounts*. It’s as simple as that.

*Conditions apply. Ongoing Membership requires a minimum of 7 fortnightly payments. Standard minimum of 7 fortnightly payments must be made prior to receiving two weeks free.