pushpaputa hasta mudra for december

Summer is here, and with it brings the holiday season, a time of gratitude and appreciation. This December we’ll be focusing on Pushpaputa Hasta Mudra as our featured practice of the month.

In Sanskrit, pushp means ‘flower’, so the pushpaputa mudra is a gesture using the hands to indicate the giving of a handful of flowers, or flower petals, to the gods. It also represents the acceptance of gifts, and as such the pushpaputa mudra is a mudra of openness and acceptance. In that way, this mudra is a symbol of balance in our lives – and that we shall give, we shall receive. If we give out love, light and positivity, then the universe will send it back to us. And therefore, on the other hand, if we align ourselves with negativity, we will attract that into our lives.

Practice this beautiful mudra by joining the insides of the palms together, thumbs out, and curl the little fingers towards the centre. Thumbs rest on the first digit of the forefinger, and the fingers curl towards the palms until the hands resemble a heart-shape.