Pilates Level 1 Matwork Training ZAMA BRISBANE May 2020

$599.00 $550.00

Pilates is an accessible way to improve flexibility, build strength, and develop control and endurance in the whole body. It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, and developing a strong Powerhouse, and improving coordination, balance and posture. Pilates’ system allows for repetitive strength exercises to be modified in range of difficulty from beginning to advanced to suit any level of student.

The Zama Institute Pilates Level 1 Matwork course is geared towards those wishing to start a career in Pilates instruction or for those currently in the fitness industry wishing to add Pilates onto their teaching repertoire. Upon completion, Pilates Level 1 students will be able to confidently plan and teach full mat work Pilates classes to groups and individuals.

what you will learn

  • Study of the history and development of the Pilates Method
  • Study of the philosophy of the Pilates Method
  • Study of the concepts of the Pilates Method
  • Study of the principles of the Pilates Method
  • Study of postural assessment, identification of faulty postures and postural correction
  • In depth analysis of all repertoire on mat
  • Teaching methodology
  • Pre-exercise clearance of clients and the initial consultation process
  • Programming
  • Understanding of scope of practice
  • A repertoire manual

Your Teacher

Samantha Lindsay-German


The Pilates Level 1 Matwork Training course is scheduled Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st May at Zama Yoga Toowong.

book list

  • Pilates Anatomy by Karen Clippinger and Rael Isacowitz
  • Pilates Evolution: The 21st Century by Joseph Pilates, Judd Robbins, and Lin Van Heuit-Robbins

prop list

  • Mat

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