PRIMAL PLANKPrimal-what-now?? Primal Frog Planks are this month’s Zamasana; our pose of the month inspired by our brand new SESH™ class THE SESH™! Some of you will have already had the joy of powering through these at our Brisbane studio, but do not fret, we will all be having a go!

Primal Plank Frogs are a combination of strength, agility, breath, and perseverance! They will have you feeling powerful and PRIMAL!


Begin in a plank variation; Draw your heels together to touch with toes apart and bring your hands onto blocks (optional but allows for more space and ease)
Take a breath in to prepare and as you exhale draw your hips back toward your heels
Return to the starting position on the inhale

Repeat for 12 rounds (and perhaps make your way to 108 rounds!)