positivity & power of mindset: mindfulness immersion april 2016

Positivity & the Power of Mindset: A Mindfulness Immersion with Deb Hawkins
toowoomba positive mindsetSundays 8:15am-9:15am 
24th of April and 1st, 8th and 15th of May in Toowoomba
$69, or $49 for members*
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Positive thinking is a common concept, but not all of us know how to be positive or how to maintain a positive mindset. It is well worth learning, because changing the mind give you the power to improve your daily life in many different ways. Positive thinking leads to better health, a happier life and greater success. Even Western medicine is now proving positive changes in brain patterns when a person thinks more positively.
Yoga is in fact built on the concept of mastering the mind. Patanjali’s (an ancient yogic sage) Sutra 1.2 says, “Yogas Chitta Vrtti Nirodah”, which is to say that yoga masters the fluctuations of the mind. In this immersion, you will learn the ancient power of yogic mantra and meditation, and how to set positive intentions (sankalpa) to manifest success in your life.

Stillness and rest are keys to a positive mindset, and through yoga nidra (yogic sleep), meditaiton to encourage antar mouna (inner silence) and pranayama and asana for releasing blockages and balancing energies, Deb will help you unlock the power of your mind.

Book in now and join Deb for a 4 week course on learning how to think positively and use the power of your mind to control your attitude. It will help relieve emotional turbulence and stress, and help you achieve a more balanced state of being.
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Please bring socks.

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