poem from sam

For those who enjoyed Sam’s poem and music from class on Friday, she was lovely enough to share them with us!

‘For those who so oddly thought they weren’t good enough’, by Tosha Silver.

Please change me
Divine Beloved
into One who can feel
wildly open to receiving

Let me know my own
value, beauty and worthiness
without question

And let me allow others
the supreme pleasure
of giving to me.

O let me know how to receive
in every possible way
Pelt me with miracles
like rain soaking a
cracked desert floor.

Caress my soul
with your grace.
Steep me in Your Love
like peaches in wine.

Melt my heart
Melt my heart
Melt my heart


Change me into One
who can forgive completely
so I may carry your light
with abandon.

And here is a link to the music Sam used for meditation. Enjoy!