It’s that feeling you get, you know, after a really good workout...that’s what you’ll feel after a Pilates or barre class at Zama...a high like no other! Your mind and body will thank you, your muscles will be sore but happy, and you’re sure to have a good night's sleep!


Pilates is precise. Control is the name of the game and your body will become stronger, changing the way you move for the better. Pilates focuses on correctly aligning the body using specialised exercises to improve muscle tone, flexibility and strength. As you continue to practice, the inherent link between the breath and the movement perfects; they become one.

Zama’s Mat Pilates classes are a blend of classical and contemporary Pilates, with the help of props and a fun playlist - it’s amazing how some banging beats and good tunes can help the toning!


Barre is a unique combination of ballet, yoga and Pilates, using the ballet barre and other props, set to banging beats. But don’t worry - you don’t need to be Michael Jackson to do a barre class, in fact there’s no dance experience required. You just need to let loose and have fun while we make sure you're sweating and your muscles are working (seriously, after barre you’ll discover muscles you didn’t even know you had!). Prepare to be toned and sculpted like never before! Expect a mix of yoga, Pilates, barre interval training, weights, balls and resistance straps to ensure there isn’t a single part of your body that misses out on the party. It's a really fun, accessible, total body workout. And you will feel it. Everywhere. And it will feel good.


Reformers are intelligently designed pieces of equipment which allows access to many more muscle groups than a regular Pilates class. Also known as a 'reformer bed', these machines use resistance training (through the use of pulleys and springs), as opposed to bodyweight exercises. By regularly attending Reformer classes, you will notice your body becoming more toned, leaner and stronger. Basically, they make your practice smarter, more efficient and can target areas of the body with precision - your muscles are in for a real treat!

it's time to reshape & reform your body


Get in shape and back on track with some private Pilates sessions!

We’ve got one-on-one Pilates therapy available for you as a way to recover from injury or surgery in a careful, precise way, or even to fast-track your strength and flexibility training. Core abdominal and back strength is the cornerstone of Pilates, meaning as your function improves, pain reduces. Pilates exercises are great for reducing pain, particularly in the back, improving posture and for post-injury and post-natal recovery. The focus on the breath relieves stress and provides adequate oxygen flow to the body, to get those body working to its top capacity we know it’s capable of!

Together, we’ll develop a Pilates program uniquely for you, which will include home practice as well as practice during the consultations.