open the heart in march

heartThe Zama Yoga Pose of the Month for March is more of a muse of the month, with arm balances and inversions to open the heart.

The Anahata (heart) chakra is in the centre of the body, behind the spine at the heart region, with its kshetram or centre in the heart region between the two breasts. Metaphysically, it is associated with the organs in that area of the body, including the lungs, the heart itself and the thymus gland.

Emotionally, the heart chakra is related to love, forgiveness and compassion and their opposites.

During March, you will be practicing poses that strengthen and stretch around the heart chakra, building up to arm balances and inversions such as Crow, Crane, Headstand, Handstand and maybe even Scorpion!

Practice with love kindness, compassion and patience xo