oils of ayurveda – heal your body

oilsOils of Ayurveda are a range of medicinal oils designed to treat alignments naturally, using the principles of Ayurveda – the sister science of yoga.

Oils of Ayurveda are made from  the highest quality ingredients, all produced under a strict code of manufacturing, to ensure purity and consistency. Each oil remains true to India’s traditional healers and their original recipes.

The oils are $35 each and we cannot recommend them highly enough! Renee has been using the Psorisosis oil on her dermatitis with amazing results – the patches clear up in a couple of days and it prevents new ones appearing! Oils of Ayurveda are available at the studios.

Psoriasis Oil – Smooths the Skin – Psoriasis – Eczema – Dermatitis – Cradle cap – Skin irritation – Cracked heels Ksheerabala Oil – Nourish & Nurture – Insomnia – Calming – Nourish dry skin – Headaches – Migraines – Relaxation Mahanarayana Oil – Activity & Movement – Support stiff joints – Muscular aches – Neck/shoulder/ back/knee pain – Joint nutrition and health – Muscle cramps
Dhanvantaram Oil – Immunity & Balance – Immunity booster – Vitality builder – Post natal mums – Skin cell replenisher Karpooradi Oil – Soothe Aches – Circulation booster – Colds – Flus – Respiratory ailments – Congestion – Bath soak – Acute muscular pain Brahmi Oil – Clarity & Centered – Mental alertness & xlarity – Brain food – Confidence – Anxiety – Hair conditioning – Greyness & balding
Bala Ashwagandha Oil – Support & Strengthen – Lower back pain – Arthritis – Nerve food – Rejuvenate – Aid fatigue Sahacharadi Oil – Rheumatic & Inflammation Relief – Anti rheumatic – Anti inflammatory – Sciatica – Pain to lower extremities – Numbness/tingling – Varicose veins To use the oil, warm it in a water bath and massage into the areas specified on the bottle, usually 20 minutes proir to showering.

Each oil has it’s own instructions for use on the bottle.