Welcome to Zama! We can't wait to meet you.

The best news is all of our classes are suitable for beginner yogis. We give options in class so you don't need to do something that doesn't feel right and Balasana (child's pose) is always there if you need it.

Just jump in and try a class, there's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Create an online profile by following the link to your local studio below – this will save you time before your first class and we will be able to find you in the system as soon as you get to the studio. Once you've created an account, you will be able to make sure you take advantage of the new client deals for your studio! You will also then be able to log in to check your existing pass or membership (as well as buy new ones), buy gift certificates and make bookings for courses and workshops (we don’t take bookings for regular classes except for Reformer Pilates classes and special events).

If you have any questions check out our FAQs or contact us. We’d love to hear from you:)



  • Let your teacher know that your new - they are there to help you
  • Tell your teacher how you felt you went - we want to know
  • Rest when you need to - Child's pose is your friend
  • Follow your teacher's instructions - they are trained and know what they are doing
  • Check out our FAQs - you've probably got lots of the same questions new Zamis have had before. If you can't find an answer, call us! We love to chat.
  • Stay hydrated but don't eat or drink too much before class and don't guzzle water during class - small sips are best
  • Listen to your body, don't do anything that doesn't feel right - that's what yoga is about

From hot vinyasa and hot power yoga to traditional hatha, deep yin and gentle restorative, you will reap the full benefits yoga has to offer at Zama Yoga classes. Be ready for increased strength and flexibility, less pain in your body and a happier, healthier life.

Pilates will make your body stronger and change the way you move for the better. Zama’s Pilates classes are a blend of classical and contemporary Pilates, with the help of props and a fun playlist - it’s amazing how some banging beats can help you tone!

Reformers are intelligently designed pieces of equipment which allows access to many more muscle groups than a regular Pilates class. By regularly attending Reformer classes, you will notice your body becoming more toned, leaner and stronger. Basically, they make your practice smarter, more efficient and can target areas of the body with precision - your muscles are in for a real treat!

Barre is the unique combination of ballet, yoga and Pilates, using the ballet barre and other props, set to banging beats. But don’t worry, there’s no dance experience required. You just need to let yourself have fun, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Zama Institute delivers registered world-class yoga, meditation and Pilates training programs. Study with us and teach worldwide! Zama Institute offers yoga teacher training courses, including 200 hour350 hour and advanced post graduate yoga speciality training, that are YIMI registered courses and fully registered with Yoga Australia.

We offer Yoga Therapy, Private Yoga and Private Pilates sessions. Contact us for further information and to organise a booking.



A Warm Welcome

Our Zama studios in Toowong, Brisbane and Toowoomba are a place of sanctuary. A place you want to visit daily to take time out from the rest of the world. At Zama, you can chill out, rest up, have a good time and find your zen. Zama Yoga is a complete approach to health and wellbeing and was born from a sheer passion for the practice that is yoga and a desire to create a community to share it with.  Everyday we make the lives of people, just like you, a little better, a little happier and a little healthier. We take our yoga seriously, but we love to say hi, have a chat and share a laugh with our Zamis. Every body is welcome at Zama. We’d love to meet you.


Unlimited Class Memberships

Enjoy unlimited access to all of the Yoga & Mat Pilates classes on the timetable at your local Zama Yoga Studio in Brisbane or Toowoomba with a Zama Yoga Membership. You can attend as many classes as you like and you don't need to book for them! Membership also entitles you to discounts on workshops and course! Reformer Pilates Classes in Toowoomba have their own passes and pricing options, but Members get a discount on Reformer Pilates class products. You must book in for all Reformer classes.

Sign up to Ongoing Membership while on your 10 Day Yoga & Mat Pilates Pass and get huge discounts! For Brisbane, pay just $50 per fortnight (normally $60). For Toowoomba, pay $45 per fortnight (normally $50). Simply sign up at the studio before you 10 Day Yoga & Mat Pilates Pass ends. You can start your Ongoing Membership at any time in the future, you just need to let us know you want to take up this offer before your 10 Day Yoga & Mat Pilates Pass finishes.


A variety of class styles

Our yoga studios in Brisbane and Toowoomba offer a variety of yoga classes, including hot vinyasa, hatha, yin, vinyin and warm slow flow. We also offer Mat & Reformer Pilates and Barre classes. Classes are never the same!


World Class Facilities

Our studios are fitted with free lockers and showers for you. Our hot (35 degrees) and warm (28 degrees) classes are heating with Far Infrared Heat which has amazing health benefits. 

Excellent Instructors

Our crew of teachers are some of the best in Australia. They love what they do and they love sharing it with you. Feel free to ask them questions - they are all friendly and are there for you. 

Support to Achieve your Goals

Tell us what you are wanting to achieve at Zama and we will help you do it!



ADDRESS 2/27-29 High Street Toowong Queensland 4066

PHONE +61 434 787 044





ADDRESS 67 Ramsay Street Toowoomba Queensland 4350

PHONE +61 434 787 044