It's a challenge month so we've got a challenging pose lined up for you - Navasana (Paripurna Navasana, or Boat pose). Yeppers, tell that core of yours to rest up while it can because it's about to start working hard!!

Navasana works our abs and hip flexors, building strength and requiring balance in our good ol' sit bones.


  • Begin sitting on your mat, back up straight and legs out in front of you. Ensure that your sternum is lifting up and out as you begin to lean back slightly, keeping that beautiful spine of yours straight and strong. 
  • Transfer the weight into your sitting bones and tailbone as you exhale, bending your knees as you lift your feet off the floor. Keep your arms extended alongside your body, straight out in front of you, parallel to the floor. Feel your shoulder blades broaden across your back and feel the energy pulling out through the fingertips. 
  • You're probably already feeling those ab vibrations but if it's available to you, slooowly extend your legs out straight until your toes are about level with your eyes. If this feels too strong for your body, no worries - bend those knees again, and perhaps you can work up to straightening the knees during the course of the month!