mums and bubs yoga toowoomba brisbaneZama’s Mums and Bubs Yoga is for mums and their babies from birth to prep, and is available at our Toowoomba and Toowong, Brisbane studios.

Zama’s Mums & Bubs Postnatal Yoga will help you recover from birth and regain strength and flexibility, while your baby will develop important motor skills. You will both feel the benefits of improved digestion and sleep patterns, and your baby’s brain and nervous system will be stimulated, assisting development. While doing something for your baby, you will also be taking time for yourself! Pain and tension will release through gentle stretching, while strengthening the body.  Being fit and healthy with a new baby will help you be equipped for all the challenges of motherhood! You also get the chance to connect with other mums and with your baby.

You can start yoga after giving birth when you feel ready for gentle movements, however 6 weeks after birth is usually a good guide (depending on your birth – please seek advice from your doctor). If you had a Caesarian delivery, you will need to wait 12 weeks and check with your doctor before commencing yoga.

Please wear comfortable clothing, which can either be loose fitting, or something similar to exercise clothing. No footwear is required. Please bring a yoga mat and blanket or mat for your baby to lie on, and one to cover the baby for the relaxation part of the class. You can also bring a blanket for yourself in the cooler months.

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