restorative yoga & mindfulness immersion march 2016 toowong

restorative-yoga-stock-photo-med-sizeRestorative Yoga & Mindfulness Immersion with Sally Tyben

Saturdays 10:45am – 11:45am

5th, 12th, 19th March

$59, or $49 for members* – book now!

Join us for a 3 week restorative yoga and meditation course led by Sally, with yoga nidra (yogic sleep), asanas and pranayama techniques that ease the body into complete relaxation. Restorative yoga balances the nervous system and enhances the energy flow to all of your organs with poses supported by a variety of props, allowing the body to surrender entirely.

Sally will also focus on the chakra system and energetic anatomy, with asanas, pranayamas and meditations designed to bring about mindfulness. Mindfulness is intentionally accepting, without judgement, the thoughts, emotions and sensations that are occurring in each present moment. Becoming mindful is to become present, and to find a place of stillness within the busy lives we lead.

Totally beginner friendly, this immersion is suitable for anyone, whether you’ve practiced restorative yoga before or not. Join us over these 3 weeks as you learn to be aware of the body, breath and mind – book in now!

*Members includes anyone on an Ongoing Membership, or on a 1 Month Membership, 3 Month Membership, 6 Month Membership or 12 Month Membership that expires after this course’s duration.