meditation & mindfulness immersion

Meditation and Mindfulness Immersion Meditation and Mindfulness Image_ small

Using meditation and mindfulness for the real world is something that can be accomplished through the right practice and mindset. This workshop series  will give you the opportunity to further experience the concepts and styles of meditation to find one that best fits you and your lifestyle.

This course will provide you with tools you need which can be used every day to create pauses and peace in the normal chaos and help you understand what it means to be mindful. You will also learn how to cultivate a daily meditation practice and how to make the best use of your time and be effective. These workshops are completely beginner-friendly, and no previous meditation experience is needed!

This course may make you more productive, help promote better health, better sleeping patterns, promote creativity, help with your relationships….it will also bring you a deeper sense of self-knowledge. See you there!