lotus mudra yoga
lotus mudra yoga


This month we're doing something a lil different - instead of a zamasana, we have a za-mudra for May! A mudra channels energy flow throughout the body and can be a powerful tool in meditation and yoga, and while some apply to different parts of the body, most are done using the fingers and hands. 

The featured zamudra of the month is Lotus, or Padma Mudra (padma means 'lotus' in Sanskrit, and mudra means 'seal'). Like the beautiful lotus flower, this calming mudra is said to represent purity - a beautiful flower floating above the muddy, un-clear waters of negative, selfish emotions.


  • To practice Lotus mudra, begin in Anjali mudra (palms gently pressed together, pointing skywards) at heart centre. 
  • Keeping the base of the palms pressed together, and thumbs and little fingers touching, slowly open the fingers to emulate the lotus flower, with the index, middle and ring fingers open and channeling the energy upwards. 


Typically, this mudra is practised while seated, but you might like to integrate it into more of your practice - while your hands are reaching skyward in Crescent Lunge, or perhaps while finding a place of steadiness in Tree. Yogi's choice! Get creative as you channel the beautiful Lotus.