legs up the wall for january

legs up the wallHappy new year, beloved Zamis! We hope you’re feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after a holiday season spent with family and friends (…and food).

For January, to start 2016 off in a gentle, relaxed way, we’re going to be celebrating our favourite way to chill out: Legs-up-the-Wall pose, Viparita Karani.  ‘Viparita’ means inverted, and ‘karani’ means action – so by putting your legs up the wall you are actively allowing the body to relieve stress and realign – try it, it feels sooo good!

This pose improves circulation, and gravity will move any stagnant fluids stuck in the legs and feet, as well as relieving tired leg muscles. Basically, you get all the benefits of an inversion – like regulating blood pressure – without having to hold a handstand! Perfect for the tired body. And of course, this pose helps to still the mind and bring you to a quiet place, ready to face the new year with fresh clarity and purposeful, positive intentions.