kundalini yoga master class

kundalini clipSaturday 7th June 4:10pm – 5:40pm with Sam at the Toowong Studio
$5 for members or 2 classes off your pass* or $40 casual
members and casual attendees book here now

Kundalini Yoga is a practice taught and guided by Yogi Bhajan that is often referred to as the yoga of awareness.  Kundalini Yoga focuses primarily on awareness of self, and delivering an experience of your higher consciousness.

In essence, it is a science of the mind and body and utilises its technologies to elevate the spirit – the spirit which has no discrimination and no boundaries. Kundalini Yoga is a very direct form of yoga with an immediate effect.  By combining pranayama, asana and mantra, this form of yoga strengthens the body’s immunity, while energising the body enough to totally relax the mind.

Join us for 90 minutes to experience the feelings of healing and joy that Kundalini Yoga provides, and learn how it can be used as a tool in everyday life! Book here now.

*to use your class passes please see us at the studio to book or send us an email to info@zamayoga.com.au, your booking will not be confirmed until you receive a reply from us.