july arm balances & inversions masterclass – toowoomba

Thursday 4 July 6:45pm – 8:15pm Arm Balances & Inversions with Deb
$5 for members or 2 classes off your pass or $34 casual

Arm balances and inversions are wonderful for building core, arm, back, shoulder and wrist strength and, more importantly, help us let go our of fears!

Inversions provide fresh blood flow to the brain which nourishes the brain, the skin and the other organs in the upper body and head. This has been proven to help conditions such as depression and anxiety.

This postures are also highly beneficial for repetitive strain injuries (RSI) of the wrists and hands and help relieve recurring shoulder and back pain by strengthening these muscles as well as strengthening the core.

Join us on Thursday 4 July at 6:45pm for 90 minutes of fun with crow, side crow, head stands, scorpion and more to find out why these practices are so beneficial! Falling on your face is more than welcome 🙂 We will just get back up again! See you there!