it’s a new year!

wake-up-sticky-sliderForget new years resolutions! They don’t work. Set an intention instead. They do work. Here’s why…

Resolution are just that – resolves. You resolve to do something, hard and fast. There’s no room for error or change. If you don’t stick to your absolute resolution, you end up disappointed and give up.

Setting an intention is different. You intend to do something or intend for something to be a certain way. There is room for change, for flow and adjustments. An intention plants a seed in the mind, and is allowed to develop and grow. You are committed to the intention, not the action.

In yoga, an intention is called a sankalpa. A positive statement that you intend on coming to fruition.

A sankalpa is more than a statement of will. A sankalpa is not, for example, to ‘quit smoking in 6 months’. You may choose instead to focus on the intention behind the will or action, which maybe a sense health and wellness.

Here are some tips for developing your sankalpa:

  • Keep it authentic and real to you – something that you want in yourself, but not because someone else has it
  • Practice with focus, but not attachment – don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen straight away, or doesn’t happen at all
  • Keep it positive (yes’ and dos – no nos or don’ts)
  • Stay present – the past and the future are not real, only the present moment is happening right now

Let’s get this year off to a great start and don’t forget the path you are on right now is perfect.

Wake up & come to yoga!