inversions & arm balancing master class sept 2015 toowong


Saturday 5th September
with Sarah at Toowong Studio
$5 for members* or 2 classes off your pass** or $40 casual
members and casual attendees 

Sarah, our resident arm balance expert, will be leading September’s master class on inversion and arm balance postures. The 90 minutes will be spent building strength and preparing the body for a variety of poses, and having a bit of a play around with your balancing and inverting! Any kind of balancing posture is an amazing way to enhance mental focus and clear the mind. Plus, sometimes it’s just fun to tip upside down, or to feel like you’re defying gravity!

This master class is very beginner friendly, and there will be a practice for yogis at every level.

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*Members includes anyone on an Ongoing Membership, or on a 1 Month Membership, 3 Month Membership, 6 Month Membership or 12 Month Membership that expires after this workshop

**to use your class passes please see us at the studio to book or send us an email to, your booking will not be confirmed until you receive a reply from us.