Our Zama pose for the month is Gomukhasana, also known as Cow Face Pose. How is it a cow face? Your crossed legs are the cow's mouth, your torso the snout and your arms are the ears (you may have to close one eye to really imagine it!). Even if you can't visualise the cow face this posture, it is amazing for stretching the outer hips, thighs and ankles, opening up your chest and thoracic spine, and working your arms, shoulders and upper back.

There are plenty of variations you can try:
↠ Take a half version with the bottom leg extended and the other stacked on top.
↠ Open up the back of shoulders by taking eagle arms.
↠ Enjoy a twist in the pose
↠ Take a lengthening side bend
↠ Fold forward and surrender
↠ You can even lay on your back and take the pose reclining!