This month – the first of 2018! – our zamasana is Goddess pose, and all its wonderful variations.

Utkata Konasana, the Goddess pose (also known as Fiery Angle pose), is a powerful squat pose that tones the core and works into the thighs. We thought we’d start with an invigorating asana for the fresh new year!
This pose builds the heat in the body, and is said to get you in touch with your inner (god or) goddess. It’s also a great pose for prenatal and post-natal yogis.


Begin standing, in mountain pose (Tadasana), then step your feet out wide. Turn your feet so that they’re pointing outwards at about 45 degrees, and on your next exhale bend the knees until they’re over the ankles, the thighs parallel with the floor, in a wide legged squat.

From here, there are a few variations for your arms and upper body. For the full, strong version of Goddess,  spread your arms wide at shoulder height. Bend the elbows to 90 degrees and face the palms away from the body, spreading the fingers wide and drawing the shoulderblades towards one another. Engage the core here and hold the pose, feeling the heat build in the body.

Alternatively, you might want to bring your hands to heart centre, or take a mudra – connect the thumbs at your bellybutton, palms on the belly, and index fingers at the pubic bone, spreading the remaining fingers wide. Keep the belly soft in this variation. This is a mudra that connects to the power of loving feminine energy, and all that the Goddess entails.

A further, deeper, variation of the pose involves lifting onto the balls of your feet, while continuing to keep your thighs parallel to the floor. From here, you can fold forward, and cross the arms while drawing fingertips to the ground.