May is for Mudras and this month Gardua Mudra (Eagle Seal) is our Pose of the Month.

Garuda Mudra is an energising & invigorating seal that is helpful to balance vata (air) energy in the body. When vata is out of balance in the body there is a feeling of restlessness and anxiousness so performing Garuda Mudra cultivates perseverance, commitment and discipline.

To perform Garuda Mudra, place the right hand on top of the left hand, hooking the thumbs. The position of the hands should look like wings representing the eagle Gardua. In a seated position the palms of the hands can be facing towards you and be moved around the body in front of the chest, the navel and the lower belly. It's nice to hold the mudra for around 10 breaths in each position. Vata energy is also quite creative so you can explore incorporating Garuda Mudra in poses like Warrior II by opening your arms out like wings and bringing the seal back in towards your heart. The sky's the limit!

"may you soar on eagle wings,
high above the world"