find your zenith 30 day instagram challenge

Zenith challengers, earn extra points during your challenge by following along with our instagram challenge for the next 28 days! Just tag us in your pictures, hashtag #findyourzenith and #zamayoga plus the theme of the day (eg #comfort) and add 1 point per 4 pictures (maximum 7 points). Make sure you’re following @zamayoga on instagram for daily inspiration and reminders, and so you can tag us in your wonderful snaps!

Each of the next 28 days will have a theme, and the words can mean anything you want them to be – you just need to represent it in an image format! It could be a quote, a selfie, a picture of your backyard, a yoga pose you’ve been working on – the sky’s the limit! Just use the word to prompt inspiration so that you can discover your zenith by becoming mindful of the wonderful small things in each present moment.
We can’t wait to see snippets of your life for the rest of the challenge month. Enjoy!


1. growth
2. change
3. art
4. energy
5. family
6. rest
7. earthy
8. time
9. colour
10. home
11. strength
12. kindness
13. sleep
14. peace
15. creativity
16. comfort
17. sensory
18. laughter
19. knowledge
20. fresh
21. stillness
22. movement
23. simple
24. nature
25. smile
26. sunlight
27. challenge
28. celebrate