everybody is new again – 21 day challenge

To celebrate our new logo, website and refreshed studios, we are hosting the “Everybody is New Again” 21 Day Challenge! You can feel brand new too – simply join the challenge (Toowong or Toowoomba) and for the first 21 days of September, get to as many classes as you can, and go in the draw to win some amazing prizes! Plus, share your experience on Facebook and Instagram with the hash tag #everybodyisnewagain @zamayoga and get extra points! One point per class, one point per original, tagged post. Zami with the most points wins! We will give second and third prizes too 🙂

The first month of Spring is the perfect time to feel new, refreshed and free! Join the challenge here now (Toowong or Toowoomba)! Make sure you book for our “Everybody is New Again” Toowong Launch Party and take advantage of our “Everybody is New Again” deals – all clients can get our new clients deals (yes, even if you’re a past or existing client) until 21 September.

As well as signing up to the challenge online (Toowong or Toowoomba), don’t forget to tally your class points on the blackboard at the studio! We will tally the social media points for you.

1st Prize (most points)

  • 6 month Zama Yoga membership
  • Manduka Pro Mat
  • 1 hour massage

2nd Prize (2nd most points)

  • 3 month Zama Yoga membership

3rd Prize (3rd most points)

  • 1 month Zama Yoga membership