The weather is beginning to change and is gradually cooling, so you may find yourself feeling a little sluggish. As living creatures we naturally mirror the patterns in nature; Change alone requires energy, regardless of whether you enjoy the cooler months or not, and our bodies and minds need time to adjust.

Zing up the body and mind during this transition with a powerful kriya to blast through limitations and rid yourself of anything that is no longer serving you. This is a time where you can check in and throw away anything you do not wish to carry with you into autumn.

Gabrielle Bernstein describes this kriya as a better-than-coffee kriya to bring the best of yourself into your day. We can’t argue with that! This kriya is a way to summon confidence, break through any blocks that are in your way, and to invite energy to and from within you.

The practice – Ego Eradicator Kundalini Kriya

Begin by sitting on the heels, or in Easy Pose. This can also be completed standing
Lift the arms up to 60 degrees. Then soften the shoulders away from the ears
Curl the fingertips onto the pads of the palms, with the thumbs stretched back. Aim the thumbs at each other above the head
Begin breath of fire and keep going for 1-3 minutes
Afterward reach your hands straight up to the sky, take a deep inhalation, and hold it for as long as you comfortably can

3 minutes is all it takes to renew and refresh! Bring your truest and greatest self into the rest of the year.