Deborah Hawkins began teaching yoga over a decade ago, after practicing for many more. She then went on to complete training as a Yoga Therapist through the Yoga & Integrative Medicine Institute.

Before beginning and completing her qualifications in becoming a yoga teacher, Deborah found her love for yoga early on in her twenties.

"I wanted to study yoga then, but never managed to find my way there. But like true love, the practice and I never really disconnected, it just waited patiently until the right time made its way into my life. Like two friends embracing again."

When asked what she loves about yoga Deborah says,

"It's the stillness, the silence, when I am moving physically through the asanas, the way I sail with the breath, the points the breath can reach and release. The engagement of mind to be at one with me. It's then I find myself...

Some days this is easier than others... but I continue on with this lifelong friendship. Gratitude is my mantra...."


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"I can't thank Deb enough for her wisdom, grace, kindness, patience and warmth in conducting the asana workshops. She worked wholeheartedly and attentively, without judgement, putting 100% into the students throughout the entire weekend (must have been exhausting!). I learnt so much from her not just about asana and anatomy, but about yoga philosophy and teaching.

I have come away from the workshop with a stronger understanding of what I want out of my own practice, how I might like to approach my own teaching and beginning to formulate the basis of my teaching philosophy and how I may lead a class.

This week has really changed my physical and philosophical perceptive of yoga (for the better)." - Leni