Courageous heart mudra for October

14423638_1111791118903716_826590652_oCourageous Heart Mudra 

Abhaya Hridaya Mudra

Find the courage to open the heart…

Our Zamasana for October is actually not an asana, but rather a mudra (a hand gesture).

Abhaya means without fear or courage and hridaya is the heart. This mudra seals all of the fingers accessing the energy channels in the body, clearing fear and opening the heart.

To practice abhaya hridaya mudra…

1. Sit comfortably and connect to your heart space.

2. Cross your wrists with the right hand on top.

3. Place your hands in front of your chest with the backs of your hands touching. The right hand will be closer to your heart.

4. Slowly interlace your little fingers, ring fingers and middle fingers.

5. Join the tips of your index fingers and thumbs to create two circles.

6. Experience the quietude and energetic sensations of this practice. Allow your emotions to flow and flux if they need to and rest in the peace of knowing.