Hear from some happy zamis!

Aerial yoga – the true elixir

“I would like to share my experience of Aerial Yoga @ Zama Yoga Toowoomba. I am now 3/4 the way through a beginners course and I am loving the changes that I am noticing within my body and muscular tension. To share a little of my little about me and my journey thus far; I am quite a bit overweight, but I am fairly flexible for my size, and in truth there’s some poses that are a little logistical as I just don’t have the strength to lift my weight (this will improve). However the aerial yoga swing both holds and assist me by allowing freedom of movement, deepening and lengthening whilst supporting my frame. Over the past 3 weeks I have progressed from intense heat rushing through my upper body and head, and dizziness. I was so happy to make it home and crawl into bed for blessed sleep. The following week, I still experienced the heat and dizziness in some of the poses, however I was becoming aware of the places in my body where this heat and dizziness coming from. I finished this session energised. The 3rd week, a very slight dizziness still around my troubled holding spots but I am noticing in this few lessons that I have participated in I am very aware of the loosening and lengthening of my spine/neck and associated muscles. I am looking forward to the further changes as I allow myself to flow and dissipate the discomfort and tension that is held in my body….and it’s happening so quickly. I would also like to share that there is such an element of Joy present for me as I practice this form of yoga. It really allows that child part of me to be playful and present at the same time as doing wonderful things for my muscles and skeletal system. For me this the true elixir, the transformative alchemical gold….my heart sings as I am to learn and expand on my healing journey. Thank you Zama Yoga Toowoomba, I am very thankful for your nurturing space of learning and practice.” Kath – Mother, Body Psychotherapist, Project Administrator

Private yoga

“I just wanted to say how fantastic my Instructor Deb Goulding is, and how much she has had an impact on my life.  I’m a qualified personal trainer, gym instructor, Pilates and reformer Pilates instructor.  I work 60+ hours every week and do 14+ hours of exercise every week.  I average two classes a day from boxing, Pilates, bootcamp, spin classes and strength circuits. I also am in training for a full marathon so I run 30+ kilometers  on a Saturday morning before taking my boxing and centergy class.  I do a 75 min one on one session with Deb on a Sunday, where not only has she challenged my body and mind in ways it hasn’t been before, but she’s brings me back to earth. Allowing me to reconnect with me.  In five sessions she has successfully got me doing crow, side crow, head stands, and other challenging poses I didn’t think were possible!  But for me the biggest thing Deb has bought back to my life is calm. I’m so busy with clients, classes and my own training that I was always highly strung, stressed and tired.  Deb is the most beautiful soul I have ever met, and a wonderful teacher. I hate missing my Sunday session, it’s the best investment I have made for my health & happiness.”  Candice Browne

Private sessions go a long way

“Erin my 13yo daughter has also gained great benefit from one on one session, due to a growth spurt earlier this year.  Erin suffered with major growing pains especially in her knees and reducing flexibility in her legs to a minimum. With Nicole’s instruction and guidance with stretches Erin has gained more flexibility with optimum pain relief.” Irene Higgins, Zama member

zama warrior

“When the twelve week challenge started I thought I would give it a go. I wanted to get fit, lose a few kilos and just feel better all round. The challenge wasn’t just about exercise; the guys at Zama Yoga & Fitness looked at my diet and gave me ideas for better options. We also looked at other areas of our life, such as mood, sleep patterns and energy levels. At the beginning of the challenge I set the goals I wanted to achieve and I am happy to say that at the end of the twelve weeks I had achieved all of my original goals. Over the 12 weeks I attended 46 classes, lost 3.5 kilos, 6.5 centimetres off my waist, 6.5cm from my hips, 3 centimetres off my thighs, and a centimeter from my arms. While this might not seem like a lot, it has made a huge difference to how I feel, how well I sleep and also to the clothes I can now fit back into.  I didn’t start the challenge to win anything but to my surprise I won first prize which included a yearly membership. Bring on the next challenge!” Alyson Holmes, zamarama warrior 2012

Private yoga therapy

“I ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament some months ago. As a podiatrist, I was acutely aware of what this meant. I was advised that regular cardio vascular exercise was out of the questions. My only options for keeping fit were swimming and yoga, although both in a limited capacity. I was delighted when Zama opened and I frequently attended the hot yoga classes. Not only was I able to achieve a deeper stretch, I lost weight (and inches) and found a sense of well-being. This also provided an opportunity to sweat through exercise, something I had been missing. All the teachers that I came into contact with at Zama are friendly and experienced. I am welcomed by name every time I attend classes. Any feelings of anxiety or fear of the unknown were expelled as soon as I crossed the threshold. This personal touch makes all the difference.

Following my reconstruction surgery, and with the consent of my physiotherapist, I have returned to yoga, but for private sessions with Nicole, who’s extensive training includes rehabilitation. The results have been overwhelming – and my physiotherapist agrees. With Nicole’s in-depth knowledge of anatomy and the body’s limitations, I was able to achieve my optimum range of motion without stress or discomfort. The yoga positions that Nicole guided me through addressed the imbalance of my body as I was compensating and overusing other muscles. My body was treated as a whole. This holistic approach is so important as other areas can greatly suffer following injuries/operations. At all times I felt confident in Nicole’s abilities and can’t speak highly enough of her.

Please consider yoga as a compliment to the regular rehabilitation process. It truly has made all the difference for me and I’m sure it will for you. Aside from that, yoga is a fabulous way to get fit from the inside out.” Yvonne Grattan BSC Podiatry MChS

Pre and postnatal yoga

“I wanted to thank Sam for her wonderful pregnancy yoga classes that I attended throughout my pregnancy. Her knowledge, support and wisdom is invaluable. She gave me the confidence to approach birth positively and after an 8 hour drug free labour I gave birth to a beautiful girl. So thankyou Sam!” Miranda, mother of the beautiful Clover Rose

Some happy yogis

“Zama yoga is a beautiful space with wonderful teachers and support staff. The timetable is jam-packed and guided by gorgeous, highly qualified yogis. Always personally greeted, and with a smile, Zama fully supports me to turn inwards, slow the mind, nourish my body, and expand my imagination. I love Zama!” Amy Cook, Brisbane yoga teacher 

“I am a newbie at Zama and I have felt really comfortable and welcomed. I am also feeling a lot better within myself after only 2 weeks. It’s such a great way to escape for an hour. I love that there is so much on the timetable too. Thank you!” Sapphire

“I absolutely LOVE the fact that there are 6am morning classes of yoga and of such high quality. This is one of the best studio’s I have ever been too. I am absolutely stoked you guys opened !! xxoo” Nicole