coconut & banana iceblocks

It’s HOT! And it’s only going to get HOTTER!

Bet you’d love an icecream, but we know you want to be healthy…

You all know why you shouldn’t eat icecream. It’s really the sugar that’s the killer, or for sugar free, the artificial sweeteners!

Here’s a delicious, healthier, super easy alternative.

Coconut & Banana Iceblocks

All you need is 2 over ripe bananas and a can of organic coconut cream. Blend all together until smooth and pour into iceblock moulds. Freeze overnight and voilà!

Even though it’s an iceblock, coconut cream gives it a creamy texture and the banana and coconut combination is delicious.

You could use any soft fruit combination you like – berries, watermelon, mango, pineapple, the list goes on. You could also add raw cacao powder for a chocolate hit (raw cacao powder only – NOT cocoa powder!) or unsweetened vanilla (vanilla bean even) for flavour, chopped nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistascios – raw or activated only) or nut spread (peanut butter, almond, hazelnut etc – make sure the spread is 100% nuts – the Macro brand in the health food aisle at Woolworths is usually good for this – check the labels though.)

For a yummy frozen yoghurt, use Greek unsweetened unflavoured yoghurt instead of coconut cream, and add your fruit, cacao, vanilla and/or nuts. True Greek yoghurt usually has a higher protein content, and stay away from low fat yoghurt. If you buy flavoured, check for sugar in the ingredients list and put it back on the shelf if it’s there (sugar in the nutritional panel is different).

If you don’t have iceblock moulds (they are available from Tupperware, supermarkets and kitchen shops), you can use cups and iceblock sticks. To keep the iceblock sticks in place, cover the cup with cling wrap, hold it down firmly and then pierce the cling wrap in the centre of the cup. Which ever mould you use, run them under warm water for about 20 seconds before removing from the iceblock from the mould.

We’ve posted before about the fantastic benefits of coconut for fat loss, it can do wonders, but don’t over do it – while it’s “good” fat, everything needs to be consumed in moderation. Fruit is power packed with antioxidants, fibre and vitamins, but does contain sugar, so do make sure you consider your total sugar consumption.

These are a win-win, but be warned – they are addictive…

More ice-cream alternatives to come, so stay tuned!!!